Why MIll/Turn is Cost Effective


By combining multiple machining operations, such as milling and turning, in a single machine, multiple-function machine tools reduce the number of setups required to process parts, thereby machining parts more quickly with fewer positioning tolerance errors.



CNC Mill Turn vs. Conventional CNC Lathe and CNC Mill

Material: 7075l Aluminum.
Standard Aircraft Style Gland, 4.0 inch diameter x 4.0 inch Length.
The part pictured on the right was traditionally machined on a CNC Lathe in 2 (two) operations and milled on a vertical machine in (2) two operations.
The same part is machined in one primary operation on a MILL TURN Multi Tasking Machine.
Mill Turn vs. Traditional Summary
  • 10 minutes machining vs. 15 minutes machining conventional process
  • 50 % less handling and move time
  • 50 % more deburring on the machine, less hand work
  • Cost savings to customer of 35%
  • Lead time reduction significant