Lean Manufacturing Techniques


“Lean Manufacturing is an operational strategy oriented toward achieving the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating waste” 

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LJT Manufacturing Lean Approach: 

  • Multiple operations combined on multi-tasking mill turn equipment
  • Less operations, less set ups, shorter cycle times
  • Reduced lead time by 40%
  • Less handling, less cost
  • Minimize deburring and handling, machined chamfers and breaks edges
  • Machining tolerances of less than .0002 (+/-.00005), no secondary grinding
  • Combining turning, milling and hard turning finishing operations
  • Significantly reducing part production costs
  • Pull production techniques such as KANBAN
  • GIBBS CAD/CAM mill turn provides quick and efficient part programming

Diverse Machining Capability: 

  • Stainless Steels - 304 – 316, 430F - 17-4 PH
  • Heat Treat Steels
  • Titanium, Inconel, Hymu-80, Carpenter 49
  • High Speed Aluminum machining
  • Plastics, Nylon, Delrin, Polycarbonate